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What Is Love, Lift, Liberate?
It is NOT just another self help book..
It is NOT just about setting and accomplishing your goals - yet the principles taught will help you accomplish your goals quicker than ever before
It is NOT book on the law of attraction- yet you'll notice you'll start attracting more success and opportunities into your life
Love, Lift, Liberate is a SHORTCUT
The lack of focus and jumping from goal to goal to goal is a symptom from an underlying cause.  That underlying cause is the lack of knowledge about the concept of LOVE.  Learn the power of love, to start Loving your goals, lifting others up and liberating your life.
To: Entrepreneurs & World Changers
From: Cody Dean
Salt Lake City Utah
I know who you are. 

You're the type of personal that has always wondered what  your purpose in life was.

People would tell you that you need to find a career, but you couldn't quite pick.

You have always wanted to help people be better and do better, but you didn't quite know how to do it.

Idea after idea came to your mind and that is where the ideas and dreams stopped.

I used to be in the same spot, I used to dream about helping others and have great ideas but I didn't know how to execute on it.
So I decided to do something about it.  I was sick and tired of living someone else's life.

That was 5 years ago, Since then I have studied heavily on the concept of creation and how to apply the concept of creation to make my dreams a reality!

I would record all my findings from my mentors and from the courses I purchases in journal after journal

I realized that there started to be a pattern! (I love finding patterns) because it usually means that there is a true principle just around the corner.

I realized that there is a formula that people are using either consciously or unconsciously to create their dreams (or their fears) into reality!

So I put this formula into my book Love, Lift, Liberate.

I have helped hundreds of Sales Reps, Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Real Estate Agents to start creating more of what they want and make them self a better person along the way.

I hope you enjoy my book Love, Lift, Liberate
Cody Dean
Founder Become Pure Mentoring
"Cody has literally changed my life in less than 3 months. I used to barely hit my quota and was in constant fear of losing my job. 
 I went from a meager $65,000 annual income to a whopping $130,000 annual income! Instead of just scraping by, I now have the money to do anything I want. Not only have I become secure financially, I am secure mentally as well."
-A. McDonald
"Cody has brought my business to life and it has only been a couple of months!  I can't wait to see where I can take this in the future!"
-D. Baker
"This has helped me go from being one of the struggling new guys at my job into one of the top performers, my paychecks have literally tripled in size. Cody’s method of coaching helped me focus on the portions of my sales that I didn’t even know I was struggling with, his years “in the trenches” have given him a unique perspective, he is able to help you avoid pitfalls before they arise, and get out of a slumps and focus on the more impactful portions of Life"
-D. Kay
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Who Is Cody Dean?
Cody Dean started at an early age teaching and training others on how to create freedom in their life. He has mentored hundreds of individuals to help them reach their goals. Many companies including a Fortune 500 company, have hired Cody to teach, train and inspire their people. 
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