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"How to Build a Funnel To Filter & Find people that Are Looking For  what you are selling!"

Free Up Your Time. Free From Rejection. Free Your Business

 Make Sure Your Sound Is On

Dear Network Marketers:

Would you like to know the NEW way to get leads and customers asking to join your team?

Without having to spend hours of days on the phone

Without having to talk to friends and family

Without having to deal with a ton of rejection!??

Wouldn't that be nice?

Well, you are in luck, because on April 28th of 2022, I'm going to be teaching all my secrets on How To Use A Sales Funnel To Filter & Find People That Actually Looking For What You You Are Selling!

Sound pretty cool right?


I've used this information to attract over 2600 (almost 2700 as of writing this) people to my business in just the past 2 years!


That is just me personally, not including any of my teammates or their teams.

This information has been just transformational to my life and my business.

For example:

 Being able to have people all around the world reaching out to me

 Make sales in my sleep

 No longer being the awkward guy at the party

Now you've probably heard about this thing called a Funnel.

Maybe you wanted to build out out, but your upline told you no.

Or maybe it seemed to complicated.

No worries.

I'm going to show you the exact STEP BY STEP way to build a funnel, and it doesn't have to interrupt with what your upline is telling you to do.

That is if you enough sending copy paste messages to random strangers on the internet...

which can be time sucking,

mind bending rejection/ ghosting

and being lead on by people that aren't even that interested...

You know the type...

the ones that pick out one ingredient, or one little detail about your company and say

"that doesn't work for me"

Yeah... right...

Those people drive me nuts.

Imagine FILTERING all these people out with a funnel.

You never have to hear the word "Pyramid" again!


The funnel takes the rejection..

The funnel filters out the interested people.

and what are you left with?

The uninterested people are filtered out.

And you are left talkin with high quality people!

But I Have A Company Website???

I hate to be the one to break it to you...

Your website isn't going to sell anyone anything.

Google won't show it on google.

Facebook won't let you advertise to it.

If someone does go to the website,

They get overwhelmed with options 

And will eventually leave the page without buying anything.

remember this: Too many options are a bad thing

A funnel will allow you to direct your customers in the proper buying atmosphere


They will see the right thing

at the right time.

This means they will be more likely to join your team!

Oh, and guess what...

that website you have...

Tens of thousands of others got that same website.

With a funnel that YOU BUILD,  you'll be unique and attractive.

You'll immediately stand out from everyone else!

What You're Going To Learn...

Day 1 - The Perfect Person

There is a perfect person out there that is searching for what you have to offer. I'm going to show you how to find them! (hint they are not your friends or family... or a cold message away)

Day2 - The Freedom Funnel

Once You find the perfect person, You'll what to guide them and filter them with the freedom funnel.

Day 3 - The Launch

Time to put it all together and launch for funnel freedom!

Cody Dean

Meet Your Trainer For The 3 Days...

Meet Your Trainer For The 3 Days...

Cody Dean

I really don't like talking to my friends and family about my business...

Yes that is what I was told to do.

It was painful.

Now in 2 years I have been able to attract thousands of leads and sales to my business.  

Mostly on autopilot!

Join me for this challenge and I'll teach you what I've learned along the way!

"How to Build a Funnel To Filter & Find people that Are Looking For  what you are selling!"

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