"How To Create A Podcast To Attract More Leads And Customers From Around The World Into Your Downline.
-All On Autopilot"
(Even If You're Not Techie)
Your (Potential) Customers Are Listening To Podcasts- Why Not Your Podcast?
  •    Attraction: Learn how I attracted over 1000 people to my business using my podcast. 
  •    Simple: Learn the step by step process to setting up and creating your podcast-Even if you're not techie.
  •    Grow: How to optimize your podcast so more people will listen and more people will join your team and downline
  •    Succeed: Use this simple method to duplicate your efforts into your team and create exponential leverage.
Let me teach you how to get 1000s of people listening to your podcast
People Only Buy From People They Know, Like And Trust

With your own podcast you will become an authority that people will come to know, like and trust

Cody has literally changed my life in less than 3 months. ... I went from a meager $65,000 annual income to a whopping $130,000 annual income! Instead of just scraping by, I now have the money to do anything I want. Not only have I become secure financially, I am secure mentally as well." 
-A. McDonald

"Cody has brought my business to life and it has only been a couple of months! I can't wait to see where I can take this in the future!"
-D. Baker

"This has helped me go from being one of the struggling new guys at my job into one of the top performers, my paychecks have literally tripled in size. Cody’s method of coaching helped me focus on the portions of my sales that I didn’t even know I was struggling with, his years “in the trenches” have given him a unique perspective, he is able to help you avoid pitfalls before they arise, and get out of a slumps and focus on the more important portions of Life"
-D. Kay

Imagine having prospects reach out to you every single day?
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