Attention Network Marketers & Direct Sales Reps!
"Discover How I Grew My TikTok To Over 30k Followers And Generates Leads, Sales & Recruits Passively Every Day!"
"YES! This is the same blueprint that I have used To successfully reach over 30k followers and attract over 3051  people to my network marketing business!

From Cody Dean
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello Friend,

My name is Cody Dean, and I want to give you my TikTok Blueprint!

This is my step by step guide for how to get a Tiktok following over 33k 

And not just followers, but Leads, Sales & Recruits!

But before I get to deep, I want to tell you my back story.

This is not something that I just made up over night....

I spent months looking at the top accounts, studying the patterns for YOU!!

What If You Could Never run out of people to talk to!

IF you've done network marketing for any amount of time you know one thing that most network marketers struggle with...

They struggle with finding interested people that want what they are selling.

They struggle because they talk to all their warm market and run out of people to talk to.

So people have turned to social media.

This is what I had done for a few years...

and it was STILL hard to find people that were interested in my products and services!

But then along comes TikTok

TikTok has changed the game for network marketing....

Tiktok has changed the game for network marketing..

why is that?

Major reason is this:  The algorithm.

The algorithm is in favor of the creator.

The algorithm will show your videos to people that it thinks are interested.

which means

 ✅you don't have to search though Thousands of contacts...

You don't have to cold message strangers...

you don't have to run out of people to talk to!

Tiktok will do all the hard work for you!

Tiktok will do all the hard work for you!
Tiktok connects you with like minded people!

I knew that I needed to figure this out.

Everyday, I could be automatically connecting with over 3 Billion Users!

This is a ONCE in a Life Time Opportunity!

And here is the thing!

All the other social media platforms are trying to catch up!

They are trying to model after what tiktok is doing.

So if you can learn the new trends of social media.

You'll be set for the next 5 years!

This is the wave of the future.  Tiktok is setting the trend and if you can figure it out, you can capitalize on it for the next 5+ years!

So I studied all the viral videos...

I studied all the top accounts...

and I started testing and testing and testing...

And I started to see the patterns that were emerging.

I took so many notes it would make your 3rd grade teacher cry with joy.

And I came up with this Tiktok Blueprint!

This is the Step By Step Blueprint that I have used to create over 33k+ Followers! and Growing!

Generates Leads, Sales & Recruits passively for my downline!

If you can copy and past, then you can have a following on tiktok too that generates leads, and sales and recruits!

I want to make you a very special offer!

Get This Blueprint AND Trainings 

For Only $27

yes! for less than meal at a sit down restaurant you'll have my exact blueprint that took me over 2 years to create...

After you master this blueprint you'll be able to gain followers, leads, and sales with ease!

YES CODY!!  Give me instant access to the TikTok Blueprint And Training Right Now For Just $27

Instant Access To The TikTok Blueprint (Value $497)

Full Access To The TikTok Blueprint Training (Value $297)

Instant Access To The Network Marketing Funnel Training (Value $197)

Instant Access To Network Marketing Productivity Planner (Value $197)

Free One - On - One Coaching Call With Cody (Value $297)

Total Value: $1,485

For Only $27

Doesn't matter what type of network marketing company you are in, This works for everyone!

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